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Second place - Niceville stumbled after winning 12 games in a row and fell 28-20 en route to Edgewater (12-1), which fell for the first time since advancing to the top of the state last year, 28-20, in Orlando.

After Niceville's special unit was called for an illegal block on fourth down to keep the series alive, Edgewater running back Isaiah Connelly rumbled down the middle for a 44-yard touchdown run in the final minute of the first half. With ball in hand, Connellys was in the end zone for the score on the second - and final - play of the game.

He came in front of me, read me all the time, came one foot out of the boundary and came foot - out - out of boundaries. Connelly scored on a 1-yard run in the second quarter to make it 14-7, and four minutes later Koch relieved the pressure on the third down and rolled to his right side and quarterback Canaan Mobley connected with Treveon Bouie to score his third touchdown of the year. Cook raised a prayer to Thomas, who pulled a pass over his shoulder and on the next play returned 92 yards on his way to the end zone. He committed and converted a 4-yard touchdown run that cut Edgewater's lead to 21-14 with 9: 32 left.

Penalties would continue to plague the team and derail the momentum of the game, but Niceville has taken up the challenge in his new coach's stride and excelled in a way that should not be overlooked. Junior Dom Annichiaricho scored on a similar goalie exchange in the second quarter to give the Lakers a 12-1 lead. It's untrue, it's not perfect because you expect too much of a teenager who had to behave at school on Monday. We have tried to fight to the bitter end and with a little help we can get away with it quite easily.

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Edgewater forced two turnovers down the stretch to seal the win, but the point attempt sailed wide left and Edgewater turned it down to get his points. Niceville's 12 wins are the most since the Eagles finished 12-0 in 2013 and moved into the 7A national championship with a 23-10 victory over Lakeland, which reigns as the # 7a champion in Lakelands on Friday night. The Hawks led 14-7 in the first round of the state tournament last year against Crestview and then moved past the top 10 teams in the state in 2014 and 2015 with the help of two late touchdowns by quarterback Eli Haines.

Thompson took over a program that had lost four straight matches to rival Crestview and five in a row to Navarre in the state tournament.

Edgewater (12-1 overall) wasted little time in proving that assessment, scoring in each of his first three games of the season. The Niceville defense allowed Fleming, who previously had only 85 yards against him, just 11.5 points per game.

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