Edgewater Florida Attractions

There is something fun to do, and all of this is just a few minutes from the beach, just outside of Fort Myers, Florida. In addition, there are many restaurants, bars, shops and even a few golf courses.

There is nothing better than going to Cape Canaveral and enjoying a day at the beach at Cherie Down Park, or just a few minutes from the town of Fort Myers, Florida.

Southwest Florida offers family-friendly activities for everyone to enjoy, and convenient amenities and attractions are a great way to enjoy Edgewater on a regular basis. Our concierge staff will help you plan your Everglades adventure, which can include a day at the beach, a trip to Cape Canaveral or even an overnight stay in Naples, Florida. The conciersge team at Edgewater Beach Hotel will be happy to provide you with the best tips and advice to ensure that your holiday in Naples FL is the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

We are a one- or multiple-course hotel with concierge services and are one of the most popular hotels in Naples, Florida with over 1,000 guests per night.

The Atlantic coast is easily accessible and we are also one of the most popular hotels in Naples, Florida with over 1,000 guests per night.

Edgewater is a member of the Florida Paddling Trails Association and is home to over a mile of paddle trails that start from Menard May Park. The state marine parks in the Keys offer a variety of scenic beaches, kayaks and other recreational activities for all ages and abilities, including a modern, wheelchair-accessible beach with sand dunes and sand banks. Golfers will also find several golf courses nearby, including Hidden Lakes Golf Club, Palm Beach County Golf Course and Ponte Vedra Beach Country Club. Sunsets are historically accessible for an interesting and unique day trip.

New Smyrna - Daytona, which provides a clearly marked ramp to Edgewater from Daytona Beach International Airport with ramps to the beach and golf courses.

The Everglades experience closest to Naples is close to the Everglade experience in Naples, while the Ever glades in the city are about an hour and a half's drive from Edgewater, Florida. If you are traveling outside the state, you can visit the most popular beaches, golf courses and beaches in the state of Florida on a recommended day trip from Naples.

Enjoy the peaceful home community of Apopka, Florida, and the beautiful views of the Everglades, Lake Okeechobee and the Florida Keys. The community also has picturesque lakes and ponds and is close to Orlando's entertainment attractions. There may not be all the attractions of the city, but there are still fun events to enjoy all year round.

The park is lined with condos on North Bayshore Drive, which frames the park beautifully from the water and makes it one of the most beautiful places in Miami. The picturesque Cocoa Village, Miami - Dade County, Florida: The park and the condo towers line the coast, frame it beautifully against the water and help make this a beautiful place inMiami.

Residents who want to stay outdoors will find plenty of opportunities to explore the green spaces within the park, which include a variety of green spaces, such as a playground, picnic area and amphitheater. Majestic Oaks, Miami - Dade County, Florida: Residents of Majantic Oaks are located in the bustling commercial center of Miami Beach, just blocks from the beach, but residents looking for a green space will also find plenty of opportunities to explore green spaces and parks, including a golf course, water park and bike path, as well as an open area for hiking and biking. Residents of Majesties Oaks are close to several health care providers, including St. Joseph's Medical Center and the Palm Beach County Health Department, so they may need all the amenities they need, including parking, multi-story parking, except for - for - the parking lot and access to a wide range of amenities.

The islands of Sanibel and Captiva, located north of Naples, allow visitors to experience the charm of old Florida. The Naples Zoo is a state-approved zoo with more than 1,000 animals and live shows, as well as a variety of attractions for children and adults. Located in the southern part of Volusia County, south of Lake Okeechobee, southeast of Orlando, it features a wide range of amenities including parks, beaches, golf courses, a golf course and an open area for hiking, biking and swimming. St. Petersburg, Florida: This growing city of 1.5 million people is the main community of Southeast Volunteer and is located just a few miles north of the Florida Keys.

The Oceanwalk is located on Atlantic Avenue and offers guests a cross-country path to the east to walk through the Indian River Preserve, a nature reserve. On the way, you will pass a variety of restaurants and shops, as well as a number of public parks and beaches.

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More About Edgewater